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Off Road School

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This off-road class will be approximately 4 hours in length.  We will begin at Swartz Canyon, just outside of Prineville about 15 minutes or so.  There is ample parking there and a great location for all the things we will be covering during the training.  You can truck / trailer out to this location or ride from the hotel if you are staying in town Thursday night.  

Lunch will be provided, typically a variety of sub sandwiches from Subway or the like. 

There will also be plenty of water and Gatorade to keep you hydrated during the training and a cold beverage at the end of the day.... so don't worry about packing a cooler.  We will have a couple of EZ-UP tents set up and tools on hand for any adjustments you might want to make to your bike.  The goal of the training is to improve on your current skill-set and make you a better overall off-road rider. 

A few key points that will be covered:

Engine off basics:

    Bike setup and maintenance - basic overview (20 min)

    Setting suspension and making adjustments (know your sag!) (10 min)

    Body position for various terrain to be encountered (5 min)

    Safety and awareness while on the trail and during exercises (10 min)

On the bike:

    Starting and stopping with purpose (20 min)

    Sand, Rocks, Roots... embrace them all (20 min)

    Break (15 min)

    Corners and turning (both sitting and standing) (30 min)

    Hill climb and descent (30 min)

    Whoops... learn to love em. (20 min)

Lunch and Learn: 

    "On the Trail" Tire changing basics... preparation is key

Final hour:

    Repeat demonstration of "on the bike" lessons learned. (30 min)

    Practice and individual coaching (30 min)

This location is very close to the Millican trail system.  At the end of the class if you want to go for a ride, you will be in a perfect spot to jump on the trails and go! 

Dinner will be at Dillon's in Prineville.  

Cost of this school is $150 per rider.  Group discount available.  

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